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A New Look for Bette & Cring – Same Great People, Service, and Values.

Rachel Ceasar - Wednesday, May 30, 2012

In the past decade, while the digital age has overtaken us and social media is the norm, we’ve been busy – busy building, well…BUILDINGS!  This past year we’ve taken some time to look at our brand and how it communicates what this company is about.


Our goals in this process centered on refining our brand to:
•    Reflect what Bette & Cring stands for today
•    Create a look that makes people take notice of Bette & Cring

•    Communicate Bette & Cring’s values and philosophy in plain, simple language


We took the time to examine what Bette & Cring is known for; how we perceive ourselves and our business; and what we want to convey to our client base. What it boiled down to was a few common derivatives emphasizing quality work, fair prices, and problem-solving provided by a staff that honestly cares about the work that they do.  Simply put, Bette & Cring is all about “Building Value” for our customers, our company, and our community.


The concept of “Building Value” is the basis of the Bette & Cring brand. In our new website, as well as our print collateral and written communications, “Building Value” is a central theme that will appear regularly to reinforce it with our customers and our employees.


Like our company, the visualization of the Bette & Cring brand is a composition of modern and clean elements juxtaposed with traditional accents. Simple shapes and lines are the hallmark of our logo and layouts. The typography is based on sans-serif with the occasional use of more classic, serif fonts. A traditional color palette of Black and White is contemporized by the addition of a vibrant yellow and fresh secondary colors.


Bold colors, statements, and photography are the hallmarks of the new Bette & Cring brand now and into the future. Not only do these elements catch your attention, they reflect and communicate the values and principles that Bette & Cring was founded on.


Take a look through our new website to see our new brand in action. Check back often for new blog posts and news about Bette & Cring and our projects.


We hope you enjoy the new look and feel of the Bette & Cring brand as much as we do.