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Down to the Final Critical Tasks for St. Joseph's Hospital's Cogen Facility

Rachel Ceasar - Thursday, August 21, 2014

St. Joseph's Hospital in Syracuse, NY is just a month away from reaping the rewards of cogeneration - saving substantially on their overall power costs and generating their own power in a much more environmentally beneficial way.


As the construction phase is being wrapped up, it is now time for the startup and commissioning phase of the project; the final steps before Bette & Cring marks this one as another successful combined heat and power project. The $15 million cogeneration facilties being constructed at the hospital will not only provide a solution to their growing power needs but also bring them an array of lifelong, sustainable benefits.


The team is currently finalizing wiring and instrumentation, and performing the necessary pre-start checks on the critical pieces of equipment including; gas compressor, turbine, HRSG boiler and ancillary electrical gear. We just finished up a weekend phased shutdown for existing electrical gear modifications necessary for generator synchronization with the utility and now the team's focused on the upcoming 'first-fire' of the turbine. This is a major milestone for the project and the first of many upcoming critical tasks coming up in the following weeks. The next critical tasks include a boil-out of the boiler and the first real generation of steam.


This design-build project is coming down to these final critical tasks before the announcement of completion and Bette & Cring is sure that everything will go smoothly over the next month. We're excited to see the final outcome of the project and the many benefits it will bring to our valued client, St. Joseph's Hospital.